Puerto Armuelles Is Made Up Of Distinct Neighborhoods


Google map of Puerto Armuelles with some of the neighborhoods marked
Puerto is made up of distinctive neighborhoods – Some are marked on this map.

Many of Puerto’s neighborhoods have a distinct sense of place.

If you visit this page, you will learn about these 6 neighborhoods:

  • Downtown Puerto
  • Carmen
  • San Vicente
  • Pueblo Nuevo
  • Rio Mar
  • San Jose

These 6 neighborhood are all near downtown Puerto. Each has a distinct character and feel. Almost all of them are on the ocean.

A look at these neighborhoods gives a sense of how unique Puerto Armuelles is compared to other locations in Panama.

Puerto Armuelles is a town with a unique character and feel.

The fact that it is strung along the beautiful Pacific Ocean simply adds to its charms.

To learn more about these 6 neighborhoods. Click Here.

We will continue our tour of the neighborhoods of Puerto Armuelles over time.

Stay tuned.

For more about this beach town, Click Here.

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  1. Vicki Bauman

    We (my husband and I) are seriously considering moving to Panama.
    Getting quite disillusioned with life in the U.S.

    I understand what you are saying about trying to work and earn money in a foreign country.

    My husband is an expert handyman (carpentry and plumbing). I am a retired secretary with a steady monthly income.

    What can you tell us about medicine and doctors in Panama? I have a chronic pain issue and need to refill medications every 1-3 mos. or so. Of course, we will have no family there and would like to make friends.

    Is this hard to do?

    Please be honest with us. We live in the country here in the U.S. and feel far removed from civilization.

    You don’t know how lucky you are to be out of the economic system here. Our power bill is never under $150 any more and our income goes down not up.

    • Betsy & Reyn

      Hi Vicki,

      There is good news on the work front. See this post http://livinginpanama.com/panama-resident-permit-easier/

      Although there is still the issue of finding a job that pays decently.

      As I’ve said, I think starting a business is the way to go.

      Regarding medicines. That should not be a problem. I know many people who need to regularly get meds and they don’t have an issue.

      How easy it will be depends upon where you live. If you choose to live more remotely, you will have more of a trek to get to your source.
      WHere I live i Puerto Armuelles you can get pretty much everything you need here. I know some people who go to Pasa Canoas or David for their meds. They say it is a little cheaper in certain pharmacies in those locations.

      Yes it is cheaper here. Electricity is subsidized to a certain extent. But if you use alot (think fully air-conditioned house) then the subsides fall away and your electric bill can be just as high.

      We don’t use air-conditioning ourselves. I don’t like it. We cannot hear the birds with it on. We use fans when we are hot.

      Thanks for your questions.

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