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We are the largest English speaking meetings of AA in western Panama.  We have meetings in Boquete and David.  Chirigui is the western most state of Panama and is located on the border with Costa Rica.  David and Boquete are 6 1/2 hours from Panama City by car.  One hour by Air.

Boquete English Meetings

are held in Alto Boquete in a house on the west side of the David /Boquete Highway.  At the first intersection before San Francisco Plaza as you head toward David from Boquete, just after the Sports Stadium. (Click Here for Map)

Monday     11 am  -  AA Open meeting

Tuesday      7 am  -  AA Closed meeting

                  11 am  -  Satsang  Open but not AA meeting       

Wednesday 11 am  -  AA Big Book Study Group - Open

                    1:30 pm -  SLAA Closed meeting

                       4 pm  -  AA Espanol Open meeting

Thursday     11 am  -  NA Open meeting

                      1 pm  -  Alanon

                       3 pm  -  Emotions Anonymous

Friday          11 am  -  AA As Bill Sees It - open meeting

Saturday       7 pm  -  AA Open (Last Sat. of the month is a speaker)

Sunday         9 am  -  AA Open - after is a breakfast at local restaurant

                      4 pm  -  AA Espanol Open meeting

For info phone:  Lynda 6941-1846

Boquete Al Anon Meeting

are held in the AA meeting house in Alto Boquete. (See directions to AA meetings above.)

Thursday - 1 pm to 2 pm  - Open meeting

For info. phone: Terry 720-2523

Volcan English AA Meetings

are held at Restaurant Mana

Tuesday - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm- Open meeting

Saturday - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm- Open meeting

For info. phone: Jorge  6461-2970

Bocas del Toro English AA Meeting “In the Ditch”

iClassroom 4, School to the right of

Iglesia Catredral Nuestra Señora Carmen

Catholic church on 3ra Calle Principal/"Main Street"

Saturday - 8 am to 9 am - Open meeting

For info Phone: 6774-2814

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Each Day a New Beginning

Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Each Day a New Beginning Group of Alcoholics Anonymous located in Boquete and David Panama.

For Information Contact

Lynda +1 507 6941-1846

  1. (719)387-1742 USA phone

Chris E  +1 507 6733 8348

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